Your 1st Finish Strong Info – Grains = INflammation

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FINISH STRONG!!  Remember this is our focus for the next 2 months, to Finish this year off Strong.  There are many areas we will be focusing on and many helpful ideas I will be giving you over the next 2 months.  One of course will be Nutrition.  One of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do immediately to see a differeence in your health is to cut back on your grain intake.  One of the biggest reasons for this is most people eat mainly processed grains and they eat way too much of them.  More and more studies have shown that many people have a sensitivity to grains (gluten), particularly wheat, and most if not all processed grains heavily promote INFLAMMATION in the body for most people. 

I was reading an interesting article today about gluten sensitivity and children with ADHD from Dr. Mercola.  This is a very informative article even if you dont have kids.  Make sure and check it out:

Bottom line here is that all of us can greatly benefit from reducing our grain (bread, cereal, rice, pasta) intake.  So this will be our 1st Nutritional focus for FINISHING STRONG.  No you dont have to cut all grains out, just cut back.  I would say at least cut it in half.  ANd yes that is pretty easy.  And make sure and try to get more true whole grains.  ANd if you go to the above link you will come to see that even true whole grains, especially wheat, can still cause problems.  And in this case it is not mostly about the calories they render, but about the Inflammation it promotes.  ANd it is becoming more common knowledge now that Inflammation is a root cause of many if not all disease.


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