Having problems?, Start Thanking HIM

Friends and neighbors

We all have problems and adverse situations we face in life.  Some of this is just “life” and a part of living in this world.  Some of it though, I believe, comes from an outside force that is determined to get you to stop believing and expecting God’s best in your health and life.  You can call this outside force what you want, I call it the devil.  Either way you want to look at it whenever you step out to do something positive for yourself and or others, you often will be faced with adversity.  This is that force trying to get you to stop from doing good for yourself and or others.  And this force, the devil, wants you to get so discouraged that you focus on the problems and not on the good of the thing you are doing and expecting to see in your health and life. 

One thing about all this that I have found to be true in many cases is that when I start seeing a lot of opposition, and or get bombarded with thoughts of failure, I have to look beyond what I am currently seeing and realize that this enemy is just trying to get my focus on the problems.  When my focus is on the problems and I am in fear, then I will not be able to make wise decisions and will be very likely to miss the opportunities / blessings that are already mine and on the way.  So when  you see many problems start thanking God for His blessings and provisions and opportunities that are already yours and are right around the corner.


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