Link between emotions & learning – Easy Formula

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I was reading an article by a clinical pshycologist about the connection between emotions and learning.  It was very interesting.  Basically the conclusion was that negative thinking brought negative emotions and actually “shuts down” the pathway for learning, or at least stifles it greatly.  ON the other hand, positive thinking brought positive emotions and actually “opened up” the pathway for learning. 

One of the main things I got from the article was the one thing that we all know to some degree, but really need to get a hold on in our own lives: what we think on will produce certain emotions, and these emotions will in turn can cause us to think certain thoughts.  It is like a viscous cycle, if you allow it.  Of course at any time during the cycle you have a choice to stop it, and reverse it. 

This is so important to get a hold of.  Yes you absolutely can be in control of your emotions.  No I am not saying that you will not ever have negative em0tions, but I am saying you can be in control to the point that you dont allow your emotions to take control of you.  ANd this is crucial if you want to improve your health and life.  And yes it really is prretty simple.  You simply be ON GUARD daily for the thoughts that come to you.  You make a decision which thoughts you allow.  In dooing this you will be in control to a large degree of your emotions.  Positive thoughts = positive emotions = positive thoughts.  And with this comes positive actions.  Remember one of the biggest ways to control your thoughts is to choose your words correctly.  You may remember this formula I have given out several times:

Positive words = positive thoughts = positive emotions = positive actions = positive habits = better health and life!!!


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