What is that thing that brings life or death?

Friends and neighbors

It is absolutely amazing at how powerful your words are.  Your words can literally change someone’s whole day.  You can cut someone’s legs right out from under them with your words or you can lift someone up and enlighten their day with a few good words. 

Most everyone realizes this but what is just as important to realize is that your words can and will do the same for yourself.  You speak words everyday to yourself and about yourself and or life.  These words are literally bringing ‘life or death” to you.  I know you hear me talk about this a lot, but I just really want you to get this.  Your words are extremely powerful.  If you dont choose to control them and make sure that your words are ligning up with the progress and goals you are working towards, then they are causing hindrances and opposition. 

It is actually very easy to use power positive Word based words for every situation in your life.  The challenge is to stay on guard with those consistently.  But as with anything else, once you do it consistently enough it becomes an ingrained habit.  And you know that your habits will determine your future.


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