Staying Diligent. It pays off!

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I have been listening to a great c.d. teaching series by Keith Moore about Diligence.  He uses several scriptures to teach about the importance of staying diligent, working, and working consistently.

It is actually a 14 disk series, and I am on disk 6 i believe.  Anyway today he was talking about the importance of staying diligent in “believing God.”  When you set out to accomplish a goal you can do it anyway you want to really.  I believe it is important to put God first in your goal, then set your foundation on The Word.  Then when tough times come, and they will, your foundation for doing what you are doing is solid and will bring about your success as long as you stay fixed on it.  Like he was saying it is easy to “believe God” for a little while.  It’s easy to believe God for a few weeks or a few months.  But what about when you are having to stay the course, stay Consistent, and keep “believing” for a year, 2 years, or even more.  Many people dont hold out that long.  After some time, their patience and perserverance wear out, they give in, give up and except less than His best.

You don’t have to settle for less than His best.  Remember though, His best will take consistent effort, faith, and diligence on your part.  We dont always know the process and how long the process will take to accomplish our goals, but the Bible is clear that we can accomplish them.  We look at people everyday that have accomplished extraordinary things and sometimes think “man, i wish I had the breaks they had, or I wish I was as lucky as them.”  Well in most of those cases those people went through some very trying and tempting times while on the way to accomplishing their goals.  The difference is they chose to never give up, to stay the course, remain diligent, and trust God no matter what!  It is your choice to believe God, and to never stop believing Him and to stay consistent with your positive actions, the whole time expecting great results.


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