My favorite food at Thanksgiving. STAND!!!

Friends and neighbors

Man oh man what a big Thanksgiving weekend we had.  Me and my family had a great time with each other and we had some great food.  I tell you what, that was some good eatin’ on Thanksgiving day.  Out of all the foods we had I took home for leftovers my two favorite: Turkey and turnip greens.  And on a NUTRITIONAL TIP note here, Turnip greens are very good for you, and i recommend getting you some fresh ones, cooking them, and freezing them for easy access.

Yesterday we had a great service at church.  We usually get out 12:00 – 12:10.  We had a special Laying on of Hands at the end yesterday so it went longer than usual.  I noticed that by the end (we didnt get out till almost 1:00) at least 1/3 of the people had left.  I am not condemning those that left because I too have left early before, but man did they miss a blessing.  God showed out at the end of the service and all that stayed were blessed in a great way. 

There is something about having that STAYING POWER.  The Bible tells us clearly that when we have done all to Stand, then we are to keep Standing.  Basically we are instructed when going through tough times to keep Standing no matter what.  We are to keep on keeping on, and Stay Strong or Stand Strong.  And we will be blessed for staying strong.  So if you are going through some challenging times, then when you have done all you can do, Stand, keep standing strong, keep expecting His blessings, and then STAND.  You will overcome, and you will see the Victory. 


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