Vitamin D – better find out the right “form”

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VITAMIN D.  There has been more and more research showing the powerful and life promoting effects of Vitamin D.  Much research is also showing that many people are deficient in this vitamin.  One of the reasons is because of the last 15+ years of people being told by authorities to stay out of the sun.  That is a trajedy.  There is a whole bunch of misleading and flat out wrong info when it comes to skin cancer and the sun.  I am by no means an expert on this subject but I believe it is very important for us to learn more truth on this matter.  

Vitamin D is essential for health and there are more and more diseases and sicknesses being linked to Vitamin D deficiency.  Knowing this helps us to understand the importance of Vitamin D supplementation, but as with all supplements it is very important to know the right “form” of Vitamin D to take.  Make sure and go to the following link to find out more specifics on this subject.:

Again make sure and go to the above link as this is an important subject.  Get on it dog’on it. 


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