Let me speak the Truth. Who you are!

Friends and neighbors

Let me speak the TRUTH here, because this is what i know.

Thru JESUS CHRIST you Are: More than a Conqueror; the Righteousness of God; given a spirit of Power, Love, and a Sound mind; not given a spirit of fear; able to do all things; able to Renew your mind; responsible and Empowered to honor God in your body and entire life; responsible and Empowered to know HIS WILL for your life; HEALED.

These are only a few of the many wonderful blessings that come only by knowing Jesus Christ, and they are yours freely.  Just because you have them does not mean you will automatically see them operating in your life.  You have a responsibility to know them by The Word, and to put them into use by “taking” them as yours from HIM, then “exercising” your rights on a daily basis.

Man thru Jesus we have so much power and opportunity, but we, you and me, have to choose daily to believe, recieve, and apply these truths in our lives.


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