Everything happens for a reason.

Friends and neighbors

I have heard it said many times, and so have you in regards to bad things happening in people’s lives: “There is a reason for everything.”  And in most cases people are literally referring to the fact that they believe God is behind it and He purposed it to happen that way for His purpose.  Well I know you have heard me talk about this many times before, but I am going to talk about it again.

Listen, everything does literally “happen for a reason.”  But that in no way means it was by God’s design.  Most of the time things happen because of our own choices.  Sometimes we make these choices knowing that it is not the right choice, but unwilling to do what we know we should do.  ANd sometimes, yes we make choices not understanding the full consequences.  Either way, bad things happen when the wrong choices are made.  Its just like health.  Many people are suffering from bad health because of choices that they have made for years over and over.  Many times people knew that their lifestyle choices were not “good” for promoting health,. yet they chose to do or not do the things anyway.  And in most of these cases it was because the “consequences” were not immediate.  And yes in some cases people have made wrong choices concerning their health for years not truly understanding the harm they were doing to themselves.  Either way most “bad health” issues have to do with wrong choices. 

Its easy to just put the blame off on God and saying that “we just cant expect to understand His Will” in all cases.  Well I disagree.  I believe that not only can we, but that we have a responsibility to know His Will concerning every area of our life at every point in our life.  Now I sure aint got that perfected yet.  But I do know it is His will for me to be healthy, sound and prosperous in every area of my life.  I am not there, but working on it.  I have had many challenges in my life in different areas of my life, and I have grown and am continuing to grow stronger in God because of those challenges, indirectly.  See I say indirectly because it is not the challenges that are making me stronger.  It is the truth that thru Him I can overcome these and that I have allowed Him to show me how to overcome these.  And i know for a fact God did not put the challenges there.  I live in this world and I have made mistakes.  Those 2 added together bring adversity.  Jesus promised us that we would have adversity, but He didnt say that He was the one making it happen. 

Yes I know we all face adversity on this earth.  ANd yes I realize we can all become stronger and better as we choose to face adversity thru HIM.  But as I have said many times, dont put off the blame on God.  There is a reason for everything, but that in no way should mean to you that God is the reason.  But yes He is the Answer.

God has empowered you to overcome anything you can face in this life.  All it takes is faith.  ANd remember, true faith is based on who you are IN HIM.  And that true faith is EXPECTATION, no matter what.


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