When Mamma Rose calls….

Friends and neighbors

Me and the boys got to go to Garfield this weekend and we had a great time.  I got a lot of work done on the farm, and the boys got to play and ride the tractors. 

A friend of the family came up while I was working at Mamma’s and I was talking with him and thanking him for something he had helped Mamma out with a few days before.   He has known our family for years and has gone to the same church our family goes to since he was a little boy.  When I told him how much I appreciated him coming up to Mamma’s and helping her when she called him his response was: “Well, what else was I supposed to do.  I couldnt not help her.  It seems just like yesterday when she was reading Bible stories to me in sunday school.  When “Mamma Rose” calls I am going to come.”  Wow!  Now that is awesome.  First of all I was so appreciative of him because of how much he thought of Mamma.  Also it struck me how powerful of a mindset that is.  To him it was just the right thing to do to come and help because she asked and to him to not help was not an option.  Like he said “What else was I going to do.”  Man that is powerful.  My Mamma and Papa have made a very strong and positive lasting impression on a lot of people because of the way they chose to live, to give, and to love.  And to see that lived out through other people and their response to it is awesome.

I encourage you to choose to look at life in this same way.  Choose to be one who makes “not doing the right thing” a non option in your life.  I realize you may not be perfect in this going forward, but me and you both can choose to be more this way in any and every area of life.  My friend didnt come and help because he felt like it, or because it was convenient, or because he didnt have plenty of other things that needed to be done.  He simply did it because he knew it was right and he gave himself no other option.  Man that is powerful and as they say “that will preach.”


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