He gave his whole week earnings for those kids!

Friends and neighbors

It is so awesome to get to GIVE!!  I love to Give and what an opportunity it is.  Of course God is the biggest giver of all.  I mean heck, He gave us life in the first place and the right to a free will.  then He gave the best gift and most expensive and expansive of all, His only Son Jesus Christ.  Wow!!!

We have a group of business men that get together from time to time, and one thing we do annually is raise money for the local foster kids for Christmas.  Now sowing gifts for Christmas into those kids is “good ground” and an awesome opportunity.  We were collecting the money today and I asked Joshua Paul if he wanted to give.  (I have told him that he was a “giver” for a long time now, and many times he out of the blue tells me “Daddy, I am a giver.”)  So he takes off to his room and comes back with some money, which actually came out to be about the amount that I have let him earn for getting good reports at school for a whole week.  It really blessed me to see him willingly give and give that much.  Anyway, what a blessing to be able to give and help kids and to have my little boy want to be a part of it.

It is quite easy, especially this time of year.  Choose to be a blessing to someone.  Choose to give.  and of course it does not have to be money.  Either way choose to be a giver this Christmas season.  YEH BABY!


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