ENJOY THE JOURNEY. Have to Remind ourselves

Friends and neighbors

Me and some friends were discussing a very important part of life that many people go most of their adult life and miss out on it:  Enjoying Life Everyday.  Also you could say “Enjoying the Journey.”  So many of us, yes me included, get so caught up in trying “to get there” that we forget to enjoy the journey.  For me I know I have been guilty of this and need constant reminders to keep myself from falling back into it.  God made this life for us to enjoy.  Yes we are going to have adversity, sadness, and challenges along the way.  ANd at the same time we can still choose to “enjoy our day, our journey”, every day.  And yes it is a choice.  It is not something that will happen by chance or just because you are a good person.  It is something that will only happen “on purpose.”  Part of helping you to enjoy the journey is to choose to be a thankful person.  This is one of your biggest keys to living your life to the fullest everyday and enjoying life now, instead of waiting for that day when you “get there.”  ANd remember this, if you are waiting until you “get there” to enjoy life, then when you “get there” there will just be another “there” to get to.  So now you start the process all back over and you cant enjoy the new journey if you dont learn to enjoy this present journey first.


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