Started Good, will get only better – 2012

Friends and neighbors

This past weekend was great.  We were blessed to have some building materials and “skilled” labor donated to God-Built so we could cover up a bare wall here inside our building.  Man it looks awesome too. 

This year is already starting off with Abundance, and the fulfilling of my hearts desires.  And it is only going to get unbelievably more and more as the year goes.  There is something, well a whole lot actually, to say about persistence and faith.  To persistently pursue a goal with faith is worth every bit of the effort.  We all have dreams and goals in life.  ANd as you have heard many times before, dreams and goals that are important to you are very much worth going after.  And as the Word states, all things are possible through Christ to those who believe.  Decide what you want this year and keep pursuing it.  Pick up the pace if needed.  If you dropped that goal or dream some time back, then pick it back up and run with it.  ANd make sure you “run” with “faith.”  Faith is a very important key, and probably the most important key.  ANd remember, Faith is not hoping or wishing.  Faith is EXPECTING!  Expecting is believing no matter what you see, hear, and or feel.  Faith is believing no matter what.  ANd like the Word says clearly that if you will not give up, then in time you will reap the reward.  So this year for me and my family is a year of “reaping the rewards” of staying persistent in Faith.  Make this year a year of Reaping for yourself also.  ANd remember in that reaping, be a blessing to others.


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