Nutrition and a “PIEchart”

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Most of you know this already, and you have probably heard me talk about this many, many times.  When it comes to improving health there is so much more to the equation than just exercise and nutrition.  But if you take just those two, exercise and nutrition, and use a “pie chart” to explain the importance of each as far as improving overall health and helping you to reach your health and fitness goals, the nutrition is going to take up at least 50% of that pie.  Some “experts” say it can account for up to 80%.  I honestly dont know, but i do know it is at least as important as the exercise. 

One common trend with all of our clients who “successfully” accomplish their health, and particularly weight loss, goals is that they at some point start applying good nutritional habits.  ANd as I have always said, the faster you want to see results then the faster and more aggressively you are going to have to apply sound nutritional prinicples.  I have seen many clients over the years do great with the exercise part, but not with the nutrition.  ANd usually the result is definitely improved overall health, but not the “outside” body changes  they wanted to see.  ANd remember this, just because you lose weight does not automatically mean you are healthier.  that is a huge misconception.

So all that to so I highly encourage you to CHOOSE to improve your nutritional habits.  choose to make better food choices.  You dont have to find out a whole bunch of “new late breaking” info on nutrition either.  For the most part you “already know enough that if you would just make the changes you know to do, you would change your life.” 

I recently started the new year with a fast/cleanse and a change in my diet for several reasons:  1. To honor God and to honor my Pastors in following their lead as they encouraged us as a church to fast; 2. To be willing to be part of our God-Built Team and our 3 Month Challenge for Charity; 3.  To improve my nutrition that i had become slack on for the past several months.  And I tell you I have been on this changed, improved plan now for little over a week and i already feel better and can see changes in my body.  Now i wasnt eating horrible for the past several months, but I had been slacking more than usual for my normal eating habits.  So I chose to make the change and it is already paying off.

I will be posting my dietary changes and the steps i have followed for the past week.  Be looking for this plan and I believe it will greatly help you to see what I have done.  My goal as always is to give you motivation, inspiration, and information that will help you to literally take control of your health and life.  Make that choice to improve your nutrition if you want to truly see great and life long health improvements. 


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