I added Avocado – Choose to take control

Friends and neighbors

I gave you a basic overview yesterday of my diet for the last 10 days.  I hope this helped you in making some positive changes in your diet.  Remember as we discussed, nutrition plays a major role in your health.  ANd if you want to make faster and longer lasting positive health improvements you are going to have to CHOOSE to apply very good nutrition principles on a daily and consistent basis. 

I forgot to mention one important food that I added in after day 3 or 4: Avocado.  I love avocados and they are very healthy for you.  I basically will take one, get all the goody out, then eat it that way or add in some chopped up tomatoes.  Adding this food in several times per week can be a great and easy way to get some healthy fat in your diet.

Choosing to take control of your nutrition really is simply a choice.  Simple does not mean easy though.  So yes it may be tough to do, but yes it absolutely is very doable for you and yes it will render great benefits.  choose to be one who literally takes control of your health and life.  It is YOUR HEALTH, YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHOICE. Godbless u kj

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