We got a baby girl! The RACE issue

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Me and LeAnne had a baby girl!!  We sure did, but i guess we didnt actually “have” her, but bought her.  She is chocolate, has beautiful yellow eyes, waivy hair, and 4 legs.  We have been talking about getting another dog for some time now.  In part I just wasn’t ready I guess mainly because I was so attached to my Behr.  He was literally one of our children and I just had a very special bond with him.  Anyway, I just picked up the phone friday morning to talk with a breeder about her puppies we had been looking at for some time.  Me and LeAnne just decided to drive to South Carolina last minute and pick up LUCY! 

We got home with her late friday night so the boys didnt get to see her till Saturday morning and of course they were so excited.  Joshua Paul said that she was the best present he could ever get, even more than video games.  ANd if you knew how much he loved video games you would understand how excited he really was.  If David Ben really likes something he tells us that “it is his favorite color.”  He told us Saturday “Lucy is my favorite color.”  So Lucy is getting lots of love and we are excited to have her. 

So we had a great weekend and Martin Luther King Day.  And on the note of Martin Luther King, how what strength, faith, and will it took for that man to do what he did.  Me and Joshua Paul were talking about him and the importance of what he did yesterday.  And I just explained to him how he was a man of God who knew that it was God’s best for people to be treated equally and to be given equal opportunity.  ANd that some people in this country did not agree with that.  ANd even though it was very hard for him, he decided to stand up for what was right no matter what.  I didnt actually tell Joshua Paul that it was based mainly on race, basically so I wouldnt have to get into the “race” issue and try to explain it.  He has no idea that there is a difference between black and white people other than color.  Now wouldnt it be great if all of us were like that, and it could remain that way.


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