Draw blessings to you, or push them away

Friends and neighbors

I had to get on to one of the boys last night about being unthankful and ungrateful.  And yes I realize he is still very young, but I have determined to teach both boys to be thankful and very grateful young men.  He, like many of us many times, was focused on what he didnt have instead of focusing on what he did have.  And by doing that he got very sad, upset, and it kept getting worse, to the point to where it disrupted the rest of the family and messed up the rest of his night. 

Now isnt that just like our lives when we choose to focus on the negative instead of the positive.  Guess what?  The negative is always going to be here.  There is always something “else” that you may not have or get to do at any given point in life.  So no matter how blessed you are, if you dont choose to focus on the blessings in your life, then you end up not enjoying your life near as much as you could and should.  Also, like I tried to explain to him last night, when you choose not to be thankful and focus on the blessings, you many times end up loosing those things.  When you choose to focus on your blessings, you enjoy life much more and usually end up with more blessings.  Blessings draw to thankful people, and unthankful people push blessings away.  So what are you going to choose to do today?  Choose wisely, I know you will!


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