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Many of you may have taken my recommendation of a Fast/Cleanse for some time of this month.  aNd if you did that is awesome.  One thing to remember anytime you do a “short term diet” is that you must have a good plan for how you are going to come off that short term plan and how to correctly start eating a more long term diet that is also healthy for you.  ONe of the worst mistakes is people havent truly changed on the inside as far as how they “see” and “feel” about food.  So the whole time they have been “just waiting” until the fast was over to start back eating those foods they were fasting from.  And that is when most people truly go way overboard and start back eating just as bad as they did before and sometimes even worse.  I will take time later maybe next week to cover the heart, mind, and emotional components in dealing with this, but let me just cover today the easiest way to “start back” on a regular long term eating plan.

One of the mmost common foods people cut out during short term diets is grains.  And when they get off the short term plan that is usually the thing they have been desiring the most and just craving it.  So make sure if you have been fasting from grains, add them back in very very slowly.  If you dont you run a good probability of packing on some unwanted pounds and pretty quickly.

Add grains (any other fasted foods) slowly.  Start off for days 1-4 by only adding in 1 serving of that food.  In most cases 1 serving = small fist size.  And of course make sure your quality is high, no enriched, bleached, processed grains.  You will be glad you took this advice.  So I encourage you to start your new long term diet on a good note, not allowing those foods you have fasted from to take back control over you.  Remember it is as simple as this:  You control food, or it controls you.


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