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One thing that i have found to be true is that in physical fitness  and health it is sometimes Progress to maintain.  That kind of goes cross grain against the old saying “if you are not growing (improving) you are dieing.”  While I believe that saying is true in most cases, especially business, I have found that it is actually Progress to sustain a certain level of “good” fitness as we age. 

Most believe that as we age we just automatically have to lose physical fitness and ability.  Yes it is true that this does happen to most people, but I argue that it does not have to be a given or simply just accepted.  I believe that we can, and were created to be in very good physical condition well on up in years.  There are some things that i cant do now at my young age of 38 that i could do when i was in my teens and 20’s.  I believe that if I wanted to bad enough I could get back to where I could do them, I am not willing to put in the time and effort.  ANd at the same time there are many things that I can do now and the only reason I can do them is because I have chosen to continue to work to keep my abilities up, and I refuse to just accept that I cant because “I am getting older.” 

One thing you have to be clear on is that YOU have to choose what YOU want to do and what YOU are willing to commit to.  Either way I believe you should never just accept that your fitness / health has to auto decline with age.  That is a bunch of bull hocky mess.  Dont accept it.  THrough HIM all things are possible, and HE paid a very High Price so that you dont have to accept defeat in this life and the life to come.  Yes if you decide you want to rregain a certain level of fitness then it may take you longer to get there versus when you were younger, but you still absolutely can.  It is up to you.  Just be careful of what you accept in this life in your health and every other area of life.


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