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I have been asking clients today the question: “What is a key factor that has helped you to become truly successful at any particular area of your life?”  I got several great answers, and of course all of them were great because it was what was “real” to them.  Some of the answers were: Will Power; Having accountability from others; Prayer. 

I was also discussing this with a minister that has tremendous wisdom and knowledge from Scripture.  I asked him the same question and look at his response:  “K.J., people will only make true long term changes in their health or lives if they will choose to “see” themselves the way they desire to be.  As long as the continue to “see” themselves in their heart according to their current circumstances then that is the way they will remain because that is “who they are” to themselves.”  *This is not his exact words but sums up what he said.  ANd I got so excited as soon as he said it.  I have heard this hundreds of times, I have told others this same thing hundreds of times, and I tell my self this all the time.  Yet even though I have heard it and shared it over and over I still got so excited about it almost like it was the first time I had heard it.  It is still “fresh” to me and real, and revelation.  This is truth.  Simple truth.  If you do not change the way you “see” yourself then you will not change your condition for the good.  As long as you think and say what you are currently seeing in your life, then that is what you are going to have in most cases.    

Again, this is so important to get.  If you are going to see life changing results, long term in your health and any other area of life, you must start to choose to “see” yourself as a victor in that area.  You must “see” yourself as one who literally overcomes any obstacles that come to you during the process of improvement.  You must choose to simply change the way you “see” yourself.  The absolute best and only truly “SURE” way I know to build yourself to be able to “see” yourself as an overcomer in any area of life is by knowing WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST.  The New Testament specifically is filled with “IN HIM” scriptures that tell you specifically who you are and what you have In Him.  As you read these and speak these on a consistent basis, you literally start to change the way you see yourself.  As you change how you see yourself you start to literally believe in what you can do and accomplish.  ANd now instead of seeing yourself as defeated you will see yourself as a winner and one who accomplishes that thing you desire to accomplish.  To believe in your heart and confess with your mouth is what brings wholeness in any and every area of life.  Once you do this consistently you will change the way you “see” yourself.  Once you change how you see yourself you will change your actions, and those consistent actions will produce habits, that will produce improved health and life.  ANd that is His Word, the Truth.


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