Focused, Determined, and knowing your limits!

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I got some great advice yesterday from a client and they probably dont even know yet how much they helped me ( thanks J.H.!).  I was talkn with them about their goals and what they have been doing so far as a plan to get there.  They basically told me that they are the type person that needs to “compartmentalize” their plans so they dont get overwhelmed and try to do too much at the same time.  They had taken the month of January to get back on track with their workouts, and starting in February they were going to start attacking their nutrition.  Now that is very wise and a great way of doing things.  ANd you have to realize too that this person is a very determined, focused, and aggressive individual as far as taking control of their health and life.  And even so, they too realize that they have to be careful about trying to do too much too fast.  They “know their limits” and how to make plans accordingly.

I too can get off focus pretty fast if i am trying to do too much too fast.  I am a dreamer and a visionary.  That is just how God made me.  So I have to work hard at keeping myself focused on one task at a time.  Some people can handle many things at the same time and do a great job at it.  I end up not finishing anything if i dont focus in on 1 or 2 things at a time.  So for you this may be true too.  Ask yourself this question:  Have I overwhelmed myself in the past and or recently with trying to do too much too fast as far as health?  To the point that I have gotten overwhelmed and ended up quitting.  If you have then dont worry that will just put you in the same crowd with many others. 

Here is what you do, and this is what I am encouraged to do now even more so.  (We all need a reminder or “kick in the pants” sometimes.)   Just forget about any past failures.  Take time to go back over your goals.  Make a plan that will help you to get there.  Make your decision that you are going to get there no matter what.  Then be realistic and choose only 1 or 2 simple things to start doing immediately.  Dont try to do everything.  For example: Dont try to perfect your eating habits and workout 5 days a week all at the same time.  That is too much for some people to start with.  Start with working out 3 days a week first and change only 1 thing as far as nutrition.  Once you do this consistently for 3-4 weeks, then you can add in more workouts and or change 1 more thing with your nutrition. 

Remember, you have to choose where you fit, or like the old saying: Get where you fit!  Of course the faster you go, the faster you will get there, most of the time anyway.  But you have to be real with yourself and know what you will actually stick to.  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!


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