FAT – to eat or not to eat, that is the question.

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FAT -For many people that is a four letter word as far as nutrition.  Many people are still caught in the horrible trap of believing that FAT is bad for you.  We were taught this from the 70’s even until today, but many “true” nutrition experts have discovered that FAT is something that is very beneficial and actually “crucial” in your diet if you want to be healthy.  In most studies, we are finding out that it is not FAT that is making people fat, it is diets made mostly of processed grains and sugars.  Of course there are “bad Fats” too like Partially Hydrogenated oils which you should avoid at all cost.  FATs are critical for many important biological functions in the body, including bodyfat loss.

Of course many people have heard over the last 10-15 years that “essential FAT” is important in your diet, but did you know that “saturated FAT” is also important and is not the deadly evil once thought to be.  I used to teach that there was no use in our bodies for saturated fat, and boy was i wrong.  There are many very healthy foods from nature that have tremendous nutritional value and also have a good bit of saturated fat.  My stance on this is simple: If you agree that a certain “natural” food is healthy for you and God intended for you to eat it for good health, then man can not improve on that.  I take this same stance with foods that have moderate and even high amounts of saturated fat that I believe God intended for us to eat.  If He created them for us then He did not make a mistake with the saturated fat content, and again we can not get “one up” on HIM by removing the FAT.  HE knew what He was doing, but the problem that most people have from some of these foods, such as Dairy, is that they are consuming Dairy that is not produced in a “natural” state by any means.  The cows get minimum sunlight, eat very poor quality grain diets, do not get to eat much if any true LIVE grass, and are loaded with hormones and antibiotics. 

This is a subject that you could on and on about but I am going to cut this to the point:  You need FAT in your diet.  FAT is usually not the thing that is making you Fat, and or keeping you from dropping bodyfat.  Many times it is the lack of FAT in your diet that is a big culprit.  Find a way to add some good quality FATS into your diet.  Here is a list of some of my favorites.

Essential Fatty Acid Supplements – Many different brands, Go to local Herb shop for their recommendation.

Cold Water Fish – Salmon (try to find true “wild caught”, not farm raised) Mackeral, Tuna

Dairy – Organic or “RAW” from local farmer / store, Whole (yes I said whole.  this is in its true form.  when you take some or all of the fat out you miss out on many if not most of the live nutrients and enzymes) milk, yogurt, keifer

Avocado – whole, i love these, I just scoop all goody out and add sea salt and pepper

Extra Virgin olive oil – use for cooking low heat, salads, etc

Extra Virgin Coconut oil – cooking, shakes

Nuts – most say almonds walnuts 2 of best sources.  i like to find nut mix – sunflowerseeds, almonds, raisins, peanuts, cashews

And there are many other great sources but these are some of my favorites.  Make a point to start adding good FAT into your diet.  Your Health will be better for it.


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