We were HIIT training before HIIT was cool!

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I was reading some info today on exercise, and here it is again.  More info to back up what we already know: High intensity interval training is the best overall way to improve your fitness.  Let me tell you what this expert said in so many words: High intensity interval training continues to climb to the top and show as the leading  form of exercise to improve health and fitness, while traditional “cardio” training proves to be inferior.  Traditional Cardio training is not only less effective, but also is more time consuming and even can be counterproductive.

High Intensity Interval Training is basically what we here at God-Built have been supporting and using as our base training method for 10 years now.  Like the song”I was country when country wasnt cool”, we too were HIIT training before HIIT training was cool.  So if you are wanting to be the most effecient that you can in order to get the best results from time spent exercising, high intensity interval training is your best bet.  Make sure and find someone who can teach you the proper way to do this.  And if you just love the old school methods of traditional strength training and cardio, and you are willing to spend the extra time needed to do those, then more power to you.  That is still great.  But if you want to become more effecient and want to truly utilize your time wisely, then make the switch to high intensity interval training.


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