Follow the Rules. Follow God. U choose

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I was talking this morning with one of our trainers about the importance of “hearing from God” concerning health.  If you want to improve your health then there are many things that you can do such as: take control of your words and thought; take control of your nutrition; exercise; get involved in a sport; etc.  With any program you will probably be given a set of rules or guidelines that will basically tell you what TO DO and what NOT TO DO.  ANd to follow these rules can be very beneficial.  One thing you always have to remember though is that “God always knows best.”  And He has the answer or KEY to your progress / prosperity in any area of your life, including your health.  So the most important thing when you are working to improve your health is to seek HIM and what HE says. 

Actually, many people will not hear from God on this issue because they are not willing to hear HIM and what He has to say.  So a very important aspect is that you are ready and willing to hear HIM and actually DO what He says.  Many times, if not almost all the time, what HE tells you to do is going to be very simple.  And usually much more simple and easier than any “Program” or set of rules you can follow.  Remember HE is all knowing and He knows what is going to make the biggest impact in your life, your health.  Like HIS Word says for us to simply be WILLING AND OBEDIENT, AND WE WILL EAT THE GOOD OF THE LAND.  That is a 2 part equation there.  1. Be willing to hear, wanting to hear His Wisdom; 2. Be Obedient and actually do what He says.

God always knows what is best for you, and He is a Good Daddy.  He wants you to know the best and simplest way to accomplish your goals.  He is just that Good.  So get willing and then BE Obedient.  It will change your health and your life.


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