Dog training like health training

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We had a “dog trainer” come to our house today to start Lucy on her “obedience” training.  I trained Behr myself and he was very well trained.  Behr would do all the standard things such as sit, stay, stay off, etc.  He also could literally “pee-pee” on command, “spot” and retrieve birds, take voice and or hand signals for direction on land or water.  I knew I wasnt going to take the time with Lucy like I did with Behr so we decided to have a professional come and help us.  One thing that I realized is that we, me and LeAnne still have to do the work, but we needed someone who is very trained and experienced to come and lead us step by step in what and how to train Lucy.  When the trainer left today I realized that she really didnt tell or do much that I didnt already know.  But the most important thing is that she has us on a plan, and has caused us to “get started.”

This is a lot like health.  Here at God-Built we tell our clients that the information we give them might not be a something new to them.  Most people already know to a large extent what they should be doing, they just need some help with the exact direction and way to go about doing it.  So always remember this when looking to improve your health:  Find someone who is trained and experienced with coaching people to improve their health and life; dont go looking for the “latest and greatest”; Be willing to take advice; Realize that YOU still have to follow the advice and APPLY the steps given, consistently.


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