Workout Keys. 1, 2, 3….

Friends and neighbors

Exercise is a key to better health.  Exercise does not mean “going to the gym.”  Going to the gym can be a form of exercise, but it is not the only way.  My point here is that you dont have to “go to the gym” to actually be participating in exercise.  You can do anything others do at the gym at your own home.  You can walk, run, play with the kids, cut grass, climb stairs, perform manual labor, cut wood, etc.  The main thing with exercise is that you MOVE.  For some, ‘going to the gym” works great for them, but for most people it just doesnt fit.  So my advice to you if you are one of the majority that do not and will not “go to the gym” on a consistent basis is to find a way to move at home.  Take these following simple tips and apply them for great exercise results:

Perform some sort of consistent movement for 10+ minutes.  Walk, run, bodyweight strength exercises, and any combination of them.  ***Even if you can only get 4 – 5 minutes, DO IT!!

MOVE / Exercise 4-5 times per week

Get someone to join you.  Accountability is a big help.  If you cant actually workout together, do the same workouts and report to each other.

Start with something that is very simple.  If you make it complicated you will be less likely to stick with it.

If you miss a workout, forget about it.  Dont dwell on it.  So what?!  Just get back on it and keep doing better.



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