You want it. He wants it for you. Better Health

Friends and neighbors

One thing for sure is that HE, your Father, cares about you and your health.  HE cares about your life.  HE wants you to prosper in your health.  HE set it up so you could be in control of your health and not let it control you.  HE has already empowered you to take control.  HE cares for you and HE wants you to have your needs and desires fulfilled in your health and life.  If you are not satisfied with your health and you know you need to make a change, then go to HIM.  Tell HIM you are ready to make a change.  Commit that change to HIM.  Put HIM first in it.  Seek someone to guide you through the process that you trust.  The most important one to seek though is HIM.  HE will guide you every step of the way if you will trust HIM and expect HIM to do so. 

While on this journey to better health, make sure to not start out with too much.  Dont make it complicated and one of the first things to do is simply “DO WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW YOU NEED TO BE DOING.”  Do NOT get into condemnation at any point.  Yes it is very important to admit that you need to make a change, but make sure you dont start beating yourself up because of your past.  Admit you need to make a change, ask HIM for help and guidance, start doing something positive, and keep EXPECTING the whole time to succeed.  Stay commited, stay the course, never ever give up.  The whole time knowing that HE is for you and that HE always causes you to triumph thru Christ Jesus. 


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