Dont wait, just GO!! the boys are growing

Friends and neighbors

IN any area of life, if you want to get to a certain point you are going to have to first of all GO.  Of course the faster and harder you go (as long as you are going in the right direction and doing the right things) the faster you will get there.  If you are not willing to go fast then that is just fine.  THe main thing again is to just GO.  Get started and keep going.  Life is about making progress, going forward.  Make sure and dont compare yourself to others unless you know that it will be “motivating” for you.  And dont wait until the “right time” when everything is going to be just right for you to get started because that time will probably never come.  you have to choose to make it the right time.  So again, just GO, just GET STARTED.  Move forward at your own pace.  If you start by walking slow then great.  Along the way if you want to pick up the pace then do so.  If along the way somewhere you seemingly get off the path, then get yourself pack on the path, pick right back up and get back to going again.  Like the Word says, it is a race that we all run and we all should run it to win!! 

Speaking of progress, my 2 little boys are growing up.  And of course i am pretty prejudice towards them but I must say they are 2 mighty handsome young men, and 2 powerful warriors for HIS Kingdom.  Check them out in this pic. 


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