Be like Mamma. Mamma’s pic

Friends and neighbors

I tell you what!  I am a blessed individual!  I was talking with a family member today about how blessed we were to have praying family members.  I know growing up and in my college years I surely did some stupid things.  IN the midst of it all I was protected and I believe it fully had to do with God’s protection throught the prayers of my family.  My mom, dad, mamma, and papa were the main ones. 

Mamma is a very special woman and one of those “real” women.  She has always led a life of servanthood.  She serves God, she served Papa, she served the church, she served all us grandkids, she served all her neighbors, and she is still serving today.  She is one of my heroes and I am so blessed to have her as my “Mamma.” 

We all should strive to be more like Mamma.  We should strive to always serve others and put others first.  Man I have seen her do this all my life.  She is a blessed woman but not because she fell under a lucky star.  She has chosen to walk out God’s love and principles of love and diligence, and she is reaping the rewards.  Be a giver.  Choose to put others first even when you dont “feel” like it.  Be more like Mamma!!  **Here is a pic of me and my brother with Mamma.


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