Dont wait on someone else. Could take forever!

Friends and neighbors

I was talking this morning with one of our workout groups about “Encouragement.”  We all love to be encouraged, and it is so awesome when we get encouragement.  And yes, thank God for others encouraging us.  But there is a big problem that many people have with this whole “encouragement” thing:  Most are waiting on someone or something to encourage them.  That is a recipe for disaster.

You should never ever “expect” others to encourage you.  And you should never ever wait on a the “situation” or circumastances to be encouraging.  You have to choose to encourage yourself.  Yes it is great when others encourage you, but you cant count on others to do what you have the responsibility to do for yourself.  It is just like many married people are looking for their spouse to “make them happy.”  Well that too is a recipe for disaster.  You have to literally CHOOSE to be a happy person, then your spouse can add to that.  Your spouse nor anyone or anything else can make you happy, at least not for long term.  It truly is up to you.  And please, oh please, dont fall into the trap of thinking your situation is worse than anyone else’s.  That is an old old trick of the enemy to get you to be the victim, when you really are the VICTOR on the inside thru Jesus Christ. 

Be the one who chooses to ENCOURAGE yourself, knowing who you are IN Christ.  dont wait on others or “the right situation” to encourage you.  You can encourage yourself, and you must encourage yourself on a regular basis if you are going to prosper in your health and life.  And while you are encouraging yourself, make sure to encourage others.  That is actually one of the best ways to get encouragement., as we were reminded this morning by one of our clients.  When you encourage others, you literally get a “boost” on the inside.  God promises that “whatever you do for others, He will do for you.”  One of the biggest things that encouraging others does for you is it helps you to get your focus off of “you.”  When you selflessly stop worrying about “you”, it actually helps “you.”  Huh, kind of amazing how God set it up like that!  Make sure and check out this awesome Johnson boys pic below.



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