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LeAnne and I went to a great event Friday night.  There was a man there ministering on the “true” Gospel.  Basically he was saying that God’s goodness in our lives is not based on our worthiness and our actions.  I know that when most people hear this they automatically say “I know that.”  But i ask you to stop and think a minute.  Most people deep down dont believe this.  Much of this has to do with a bunch of wrong teaching on the “Gospel” and just overall deception. 

Not to get into a big debate here, but I just wanted to remind you that His love is real.  What Jesus did is actually finish the work.  And yes of course you are still a work in progress just like all of us, but you have to make sure you “see” God and your “position” with Him in the correct light.  Make sure you dont base your percieved ability to recieve from God based on how much you have done wrong or right.  You are “right” with God only because of Jesus Christ and you choosing to believe and recieve Him.  You cant do anything to gain any more rightness with Him. 

You have heard me many times talk about the power of condemnation, so I want go into that much other than to say this:  Jesus already took on your condemnation for you, so now you dont have to take on, walk in, or stay in any condemnation whatsoever.  and that is it, end of the story!  This is so important to see.  As you start to ‘see” this and walk in it, you start walking in Freedom instead of bondage.  You can apply this to any area of life. 

As we have talked about so many times in the past that one of the main reasons people fail in health, and any other area of life, goals is that they make a mistake and then “fall off the wagon.”  Why do they “fall of the wagon” from that 1 little mistake.  Because they have basically made a “vow” (one of the focuses this man taught on) to do “right” and once they dont keep that vow, they condemn themselves.  I believe it is good to set goals and to make a plan to accomplish those goals.  ANd you should never ever plan to mess up, but understand that you accomplishing those goals has nothing to do with you being perfect.  It has everything to do with the truth that HE in you is bigger than anything.  It has everything to do with staying in complete confidence no matter what.  It has everything to do with believing that you have already won because of what HE did.  It has everything to do with knowing that His blessing of health is already been paid for and all you have to do is choose to believe it, recieve it, then walk in total freedom knowing that it is yours.  And yes along the way it will require you putting actions to your faith, but you are not doing because you have to in bondage, but now because you get to as a son/daughter of God, one who has already been given the rights to walk in His blessing.  And one who knows that there literally is no condemnation to you who believes.


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