Ate some fresh fish today – omega 3 REMINDER

Friends and neighbors

I took the boys fishing this morning at their “Paw’s” pond.  Their 2 little cousins were there also, so there was not a whole lot of actual fishing going on.  There was a lot of playing, feeding the fish in the cooler with dirt, grass and catepillars, and fishing line untangling.  The boys had a great time.  We usually catch a lot over there but they were on “spring break” too I guess.  I did get to bring about 7 or 8 home though.  Me and the boys took them and cleaned them, then I cooked them fresh!  That was some good eatin!!

Eating the fish reminded me to remind you about the importance of getting essential fatty acids, particularly Omega 3’s into your diet.  Here are some great sources for just that:  Fish (particularly “sea” fish); olive oil; almonds, walnuts, pecans; cod liver oil; krill oil.

Most dont eat enough of “whole food” sources for omega 3’s so it is a great idea for all to take an EFA (essential fatty acids) supplement.  Your best bet is to go to your local herb shop and see what they recommend.  Most research seems to back the fact that cod liver oil and krill oil are 2 of your best sources that the supplement should come from.  I personally use a lemon flavored cod liver oil that I pour 1-2 teaspoons in my shake every morning.  Just make sure and eat whole food sources that supply omega 3’s and take a high quality supplement for improved health. 


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