How to stop worrying! oh you mean you can?!

Friends and neighbors

One of my friends said something very profound this morning.  He said that one of the main things he had learned from one of his favorite ministers was that you have to quickly “grab” yourself when you see that you are worrying and “cast it over onto the Lord.” 

The Word clearly tells us to literally cast or place our worries on Him.  they are not ours to carry.  ANd for you and me this is huge.  The worries that we face in our lives are literally too much for us to carry and when we do try to carry them they literally mess our lives up.  Those worries will tear us down mentally, emotionally, and physically.  And for you it is imperative to know that you have the option, actually it is a commandment, to place your worries over on Him.  Jesus already paid the price for it, so you might as well take advantage of it.  So go ahead and place those worries over on Him now.  STOP WORRYING!!  I know that you may say well it aint that easy, but yes it actually and absolutely is that easy.  Yes you may have to constantly remind yourself, but it still is doable by His power.  So just do it.  Yeh baby!


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