My “PERFORMANCE WORKOUT”. Nother backflip pic!

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I did my “performance workout” yesterday!  This was the workout I chose to do at the end of our GOD-BUILT 3 MONTH HEALTH CHALLENGE FOR CHARITY.  I had to delay it from last week because of a minor injury.  I actually contemplated just forgoing the workout completely because I knew how intense it was going to be and I didnt want to reinjure myself.  Anyway, I decided not to let that set back stop me, and I am so glad I did.

I had worked very hard for those 3 months and it payed off big time.  The following is the workout, my last performance, my goal, and my actual ending performance.

Workout: ‘THE TRIPLETT”  Complete 10 reps of the 3 exercises, then 9, then 8, and on in descending order all the way down to 1.

Bodyweight Bench Press, 1.5 times Bodyweight Deadlift, 3/4 Bodyweight Power Clean

Best time in past = 19:51    Goal = 18:00 or less     Actual = 17:36

This is one of the most intense workouts for me, but of course i love it once it is over.  I started this yesterday with the plan to just do my absolute best.  It is very tough, but throughout the whole workout I was praying and thanking God for helping me to do my best the whole way.  I was completely spent at the end, and exhilirated all at the same time because I had accomplished my goal.  It is so good for all of us to “see” good results.  And sometimes in the process of getting to that end result we might can not “see” good things happening with our natural eyes.  This is why it is oh so important to be able to “see” with our FAITH eyes, knowing that as we are doing the “right” things consistently, there will be a huge payoff in the near future.


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