Faith is worth little if…. How to get the results!

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I had the great opportunity to teach at our church yesterday!  What an honor and blessing.  The subject I taught on was “Faith and Works.” 

The Word tells us in James that “faith without works is dead.”  Man this is so true.   “You, and I, will prove what we truly believe by what we are doing on a consistent basis.”  This is proven also in James when it says that “a person’s faith is made perfect (mature, established) by their works.”  I used examples in my life to show that the areas I have seen consistent success in were the ones that I combined faith and consistent works.  In those areas I have seen great success / fruit.  So also any area I have not seen success in I have to check myself and make sure I am not just saying I have “faith” but also following up with the corresponding actions. 

This life is tough sometimes, and like the old saying goes “life aint fair.”  And to that I say so what.  It is what it is, so me and you have to grab hold of the LIFE, the Good Life, that Jesus Christ has provided for us.  And yes even though it may be tough sometimes, we were empowered by Him to succeed in our health and our lives.  We must have FAITH, and we must prove that faith with the right corresponding actions.  And of course when we consistently apply those actions we will eventually reap the rewards.  And trust me, when you do “truly” have faith that you can succeed, then to actually DO the work / actions is not a burden.  Yes it is work, but it is not toilsome because we have total confidence the whole time knowing that we are getting the results we want.


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