My Vegas trip!! I talked with that peddler









Me and LeAnne went to Vegas last week.  Pics above – Vegas lites and Water show at Bilogio (dont know how to spell it)  She had a conference out there and I went on Wednesday to join her.  She has been several times with work and has always asked me to come with her but I just have never wanted to.  She talked me into it this time and I did have a very good time.  It is not near as “bad” as I thought it would be, but at the same time i wouldnt call it “family friendly.” 

To me the thing that stuck out the most was the size of every building and the apparent money invested into everything.  By my very general calculations there has to be a whole lot of money being spent / “Lost” there in order to maintain all that.  Speaking of money lost, me and LeAnne played some slots.  It was pretty discouraging because all of them had too many buttons, so it was confusing on what to do.  We lost a whole $5 the first nite.  And the last nite we played some again and lost 2 or 3 a piece.  I was gearing myself up and was going to spend up to a whole $20.  After $2 I couldnt take it anymore so that was the end of my gambling for the nite. 

All in all it was a lot of fun because I was spending it with my baby.  We also went to see the Hoover Dam, which was quite amazing.  Good gracious a mercy what a structure and massive undertaking.  One of the most memorable things for the whole trip that happened was I got to meet someone and talk with them on the street.  They were peddling something, but it wasnt what all the others were peddling.  Here we are in the midst of all this “entertainment” and entertainment “options” and there was this guy sharing the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST.  I walked past him simply because I wasnt real sure if he was Real or if he was just full of something else.  God put it in my heart that he was real and to go back and encourage him, so I did.  Me and LeAnne walked back and I found out that he was real and he was presenting the Real Gospel.  I told him that I appreciated what he was doing and that I believed God sent me back just to tell him that for encouragement.  Of course he appreciated it very much.  It also encouraged me so much to see him in the midst of all that, sharing his Faith in Jesus Christ.  Man what Faith!!  So it was awesome.


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