Making Better Choices. boys at mountain PIC

Here is a pic of the boys and Lucy at the mountain this past weekend.  We went over to let the boys, and Lucy, run and play.  We also went to get some rocks out of the creek for landscaping.  We all had a great time.

You know, God is Good all the time.  That’s just Him and how He is.  The Word says that He is Love!  He always has your best interest at hand.  He is always trying to get good stuff to you, and thru you.  We wants His blessings to be abundant in your life, and He wants the same for all others.  He wants to use you to help others, to be a blessing to them.  So always look for opportunities to be a blessing to others.  And realize that it is you allowing God to use you to show His Love and Goodness to others.  Choose to be a blessing.  Choose to be blessed.  It is your choice you know.  We cant choose to live a life without adversity, but we can choose to live a life full of His Goodness, His victory, and His abundance thru Jesus Christ.

It is quite simple.  He wants us all to walk in His abundant life which includes vibrant health.  And yes again, we all do face adversity, but it does not mean we have to be defeated by it.  ANd no it does not mean it is God’s will so he can strengthen us or teach us a lesson.  And at the same time, if we choose to, we can walk right thru adversity allowing God’s strength, and correction if needed, to teach us and grow us.  What simply happens for most of us with adversity, say in health, is it comes by the choices we have made.  So it is a very simple thing to turn around.  We just need to start making better choices.  Yes it may take a while, but by His Strength and The Blessing, we have a right, a responsibility, and all the power needed to literrally take control of our health and our lives.  Again, it is simple.  Noone ever said simple was easy or fun.  And at the same time it does not have to be drudgery.  If it is a burden to make the right choices (all in your head and heart) then you will end up quitting.  So make the right choice today to just simply start making better choices.  Have Faith that your choices will produce good fruit and make sure and keep up the Works part.  Faith combined with Works is powerful.  Yeh Baby!


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