Growing or Dying?! Kendra on a cake????

This is a pic of Kendra and Danny that LeAnne had put on a cake for a “going away” party at the church last nite for them.  They are going to Russia on a ministry trip for the Gospel for 6 weeks.  Kendra is such a blessing for me, God-Built, and all of you who know her.  So if you see her make sure and give her big hugs, and we all will be praying and expecting God to use them both to spread the GOSPEL. 

I was blessed to see for the first time in a long time an old friend the other day.  Turns out he is very wise in helping businesses to improve and grow.  I had the opportunity to talk with him today about God-Built and our vision.  He is going to help us to grow and to be able to impact more people’s lives for the Kingdom, and helping them to TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR HEALTH AND LIFE! 

As I know you have heard me say many times, “if you aint growing, your dying.”  This of course is an old wise saying that may not be true in every situation, but it is true in many cases of life: health, finances, business, marriage, etc.  What happens, at least what happens to me sometimes, is we get “comfortable” with where we are at and without even realizing it we are actually going backwards.  This usually comes from “letting up” or thinking we are “cruising” and not wanting to have to push the envelope.  Well I have found out that pretty much everything in my life I have to stay on top of or it will start slacking.  I have to stay very “proactive” with, and this is not a bad thing.  Yes it means we all have to be making constant effort, but that is a good thing.  And realize too that once you get momentum it is much easier to maintain that momentum as long as there is continual effort.  I definitely need this reminder over and over for myself.  So I remind you too: STAY AFTER IT.  If you are not AFTER IT then get after it.  And it does not mean you have to start off at 100 mph, unless you just want to.  Just get started.  It is good to sit back sometimes and take a real assessment of your life and see what needs some effort added.


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