My big boy BEHR! What are you thinking when eating?!

Friends and neighbors

Here is a great Pic of Behr.  He was my first little boy and man what a good one.  He was the best dog I think anyone could ask for.  Me and him were pretty close and I sure do miss him.  Anyway, just run across this picture and wanted to share with you.

Here is a Nutrition Topic we have talked about several times before, but it bares repeating, and repeating, and repeating.  It has been my experience that a majority of people eat in condemnation.  Condemnation kills!!  The common thought that is going through people’s minds and or the words that are coming out of their mouth is: “I know I shouldn’t be eathing this, but..”  They have decided in their heart that the certain food and or amount is not healthy for them, but they choose to eat it anyway believing that it will be harmful.  Now this happens contiously and or subcontiously.  Either way it directly affects health in a negative way.  And if this is a regular occurence then there is tremendous adverse health issues that will come. 

This is a big issue and one that we could talk about for days.  the main point I want to get across toyou hear is be aware of this in your nutrition.  If you cant eat it in faith it of course is best that you dont eat it.  Make another choice, a choice you can have confidence with.  And yes I know there are some that say well I can eat anything in confidence, but really, can they?  or can you?  Take some time to discover if you are eating in confidence or not.  It can help out make a tremendous difference.


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