Another great Nutrition tip – and save some $$$

Friends and neighbors

I was eating some “left overs” yesterday and I was thinking about you.  I was thinking of how simple, and poweful of a “tip” that is: To eat “good quality” left overs. 

I love have some good leftovers from the nite before.  And over the years this has been one of my keys for having good quality lunches.  There is not much to it other than: 1. Make a good quality dinner at nite; 2. cook enough so that you can have leftovers for the next day at lunch.  And that is it.  An easy 2 STEP PROCESS for eating better quality food in a very easy way. 

My Dinner recommendations are simple:

Lean meat choice – turkey, chicken, red meat (locally grown cow best, deer), pork (i recommend no more than 1 -2 serving pork per week.

2-3 servings of “rich colored” vegetables and  – brocoli, turnip greens, kale, asparagus, zucchini, squash, etc

max. 1/2 – 1 serving of grain (bread, pasta, cereals, rice) and or beans

And it really is that simple.  You are cooking anyway, so just make a little extra to take to work the next day.  THat way you will end up saving money, plus you have a good quality and clean source of food for lunch.  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT”!


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