5 Minute Workout Testimony – “i swear it makes me feel better”

Friends and neighbors

If you have kept up with godbuilt.com and or been a part of what we are doing here at God-Built then you know well that we highly recommend short, high intensity (always relative to each individual) workouts, even if they are only 3 or 4 minutes long.  The main thing is to do something, do it correctly, and do it at a pace that “pushes” you.  Well my brother in law has taken me to heart on this and I want you to see what he wrote to me yesterday: “By the way, I’ve adopted your 5 minute workout regimen; well, sort of.  3 times a week I go upstairs, take my 15 lb. dumbbells (per) and do 25 squats, 15 curls, 12 shoulder presses, and 10 pushups all without stopping.  That’s it–i know it’s not much of a workout, but I swear it makes me feel better and my lower back doesn’t seem to hurt as much when I stick to the routine.  Wish I had the discipline to do more, but at least it’s something I’ve managed to make myself do on a regular basis.”

Wow, that is all he does and he can tell a difference.  If he did more, sure he would probably get more results, but that is not the point.  The point is he caught on to the truth that doing something is better than nothing.  ANd in many cases what we do term as a little can produce pretty big results.  One thing that is very important also to see here is the fact that he said his lower back doesnt seem to hurt as much now.  He has had pretty bad lower back problems for a while, and just staying consistent with a very minimum volume workout load has produced good results for him in that area also! 

Take this to heart and use it to encourage yourself.  Do SOMETHING!  If you know even a little about working out you can figure out pretty quick that he, and you, could finish that workout in less that 5 minutes, easy!  I am just trying to reinterate the fact that you literally C AN SEE IMPROVEMENTS IN YOUR HEALTH WITH ONLY 5 MINUTES PER DAY, FOR 3+ DAYS during the week.  It is so simple, and really kind of easy.  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!!


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