40lb Weight Loss – How she “is doing” it!

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I have another great testimony here for you from a lady who follows us on godbuilt.com and through email.  It is actually one of my wife’s good friends and co-workers.  And her story is one not of “quick” success, but of success through consistent actions and a persistence to keep on, even through many tough times i am sure.  Here is what she wrote to LeAnne, as LeAnne and her have been “accoutability partners” through all this.  By the way she lives in Ohio, so they keep up mainly through email.

“Okay, I had to share.  You know I have been eating healthy and what not for a while now, cut way back on pasta, breads and tatos.  I made the carbless lasagna on Saturday, btw parents loved it even my meat and tato father.  Anyway, can I tell you how much better I feel since I have been eating right?  I don’t feel so weighed down any more.  Just wanted to thank you for being a big part to my support group, you rock.  I also hit the 40 lb mark, another 40 to go.  My next mini goal is 7 pounds away and the next big goal is 17 away.”

She actually started back last September I just found out.  So she has been at this for about 7-8 months now.  Notice towards the end of her testimony how she listed her next “mini” goal, then her next “big goal.”  That is an awesome plan there and apparently she has used this “successful” strategy for at least some portion of this whole process.  The biggest thing to me that just stands out and makes me so “pleased” and excited for T is that she has stuck it out for what most people would consider a “long time”, 7-8 months.  And she is determined to keep going until she reaches her goal.  Most people do not start off with 8+ month goal.  Most want that quick 2-3 month success or quicker!  And she probably wanted that too, but it doesnt matter if she started that way or not, apparently at some point she decided to keep going.  Take a few notes from “T” here and learn from this:

She set a goal/s.  She started.  She surely got frustrated and discouraged many times.  She decided to keep going.  She decided to stay in it for as long as it took.  She continued with CONSISTENT actions.  (I know she wasnt perfect, but she “did the right things more than not.”)  She made great improvements.  She is using short term small goals to keep motivated.  She keeps her long term goal in front too, never giving up on it. 

Man i am very excited for “T” and appreciate her commitment to literally “TAKING CONTROL OF HER HEALTH AND LIFE.”  You can do it too.  Just GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!


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    • yes mam. i will get that out asap. and yes it tastes good, very good. LeAnne has made it 1 or 2 times. i think the main thing is you use eggplant instead of noodles.

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