MOTHER’S NEVER QUIT! Take a lesson from them.

Great pic of the family in front of one of our old buildings on the farm in Garfield. 

I went down to Garfield this weekend to take my mom out to lunch for Mother’s Day and to get some work down.  Me and Mom had a great time and some good country cooking at a local restaurant.  I dont get to spend much time with my mom by ourselves so that was pretty special.  On that note, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you great mothers.  If you are a mother, then you are something very special. 

ONe thing that I am pretty sure of is that Mother’s are very special.  I know too that one thing that all good mothers’ have in common is this: THEY NEVER GIVE UP.  They Never Give Up on the hope for Good in and for their kids.  They never give up and being a “true mother.”  They never give up on seeing God’s Best in their kid’s lives.  They never give up on being good to their kids.  They never give up on allowing God to guide them in raising their kids.  They never give up on seeing that “fruit” from their “seed”(time, love, money, patience, discipline) planted. 

This is a powerful lesson we all should take from those “good” moms.  Just like them “being perfect” should not be the goal.  Yes we will make mistakes in our lives just like them, some big, some small.  At the same time though we have to have it settled in our heart that we will accomplish our GOALS in our health and life no matter what.  And knowing deep down inside that quitting is absolutely not an option.  Like the saying “REMOVE THE QUIT OPTION.”  I am reminded of this many times in my own life when it seems that I am not making progress in a particular area.  I remember the goals I have, the high emotions when I first started, and the conquering attitude.  Then in the midst of those tough times when no progress seems to be made I have to remember this one and very powerful thing: I WILL NEVER QUIT!!!

You settle it in your heart and mind too.  If you are a good mother then you already understand this for sure.  Just take that same consistent tenacity with that “Once and For All” mindset and just NEVER EVER GIVE UP.  IF you are not a mother then take a lesson from them and apply their principle to any health and life goal you have.


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