Guard your children – its for their health and LIFE

David Ben and Lucy chilling out on the couch a few months ago.  I believe this was actually “after” we took his pacy away, but he was not feeling too good that day and mommy let him have his pacy.  And apparently Lucy was helping him to feel better too.

This pic has nothing to do with what is on my heart to talk about, I just thought it was worth sharing with you.  I want to talk about youth, kids, younguns.  It is amazing at how fast they pick up on stuff they hear and see from others and from t.v.  I have told you several times in the past about how we try to stay very proactive and fill our boys with God’s Word in our talk and actions with them.  And we see the fruit from them both.  The other day we caught something Joshua Paul was saying that was not good.  We of course addressed it real quick.  We reminded him of how oh so powerful his words are.  We told him that everyone’s words are extremely powerful in how they affect others, their environment around them, and themselves.  And we told him that since he had “the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead” living on the inside of him, his words were even more powerful. 

There are a lot of things that our kids pick up on as far as words, attitudes, expressions, etc.  And unfortunately many of these things are flat out negative.  I understand taht we cant totally shelter our kids, but at the same time we can control some of this.  ANd of course what we cant control we have to make sure the are filled with “good stuff”, mainly love and the right core teachings which I always believe come from THE WORD OF GOD. 

Some would probably think I go overboard on what I allow my boys to watch on t.v.  I am not perfect on this and maybe should get even better, but at the same time I do monitor it pretty close.  Even with the Disney channel and the little teeny bopper shows.  I mean, that should be pretty clean and positive.  But that has not been my experience in the few times I have checked to see what Joshua Paul was watching on Disney.  Again you may say I am going overboard,but to me it is literally way to much “drama”, very negative and disrespectful behavior, and very negative language.  The Bible is clear that there is 1. Life and 2. Death in the power of the tongue.  It doesnt say anything about any “gray” area in between.  Again, I am far from perfect in my life, and in raising my kids.  But I do challenge you to really watch what you kids are picking up on t.v. and other places.  Yes I know we cant shelter them completely, but we can be very proactive.  And I guarantee you just like any other thing you do that takes time and effort in order to produce good fruit in your kids health and lives, making sure they “see” and “hear” the right words will produce a great harvest.  And for those things you know they are going to be around no matter what, just keep them full of HIS WORD, keep them prayed over (that’s your authority) and always ready to “teach” from His Word to come against any negativity them face.





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  1. U R not going over board, u r being the “right” kind of daddy & protecting ur children is one of ur most important jobs. Good Job daddy ! 🙂
    Nana approves

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