Looking better in that BATHING SUIT. Using Short Term Goals!

Friends and neighbors

Me and the family are going to the beach this summer, and as we are every year, we are very excited about it.  I love going to the beach for fun in the sun, and of course LeAnne and the boys love it too.

This got me to thinking about something that can be a very important key for your health improvement: Short Term Goals.  Short term goals can be a key component for any successful health improvement plan.  Notice though i didnt say the were “the key”.  I simply said they can be “a key.”  First and foremost you need to have a “Once and for all” mindset that improving your health and taking control of and or keeping control of your health is just what you do.  That needs to be established at some point in your venture, preferably up front.  Once that is established, now short term goals can become much more powerful.  Short term goals without the “foundation” of your “Once and for all” mindset will render temporary, if any, results.  So make sure that at some point you establish that foundation.

Along the path or venture, you can use Short Term Goals to reinvigorate yourself.  And “going to the beach” is a good one.  Most of us will go to the beach, the pool, or something of that sort where we are in our bathing suit for this summer.  So if you want to “look” better for your bathing suit wearing time, set you a short term goal and increase your efforts towards improving your health with better and more intense exercise and nutrition.  Remember, short term goals can not be your foundation, but they can be a great key to use for extra motivation when needed.


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