Frog Hopper Ride and the Nutrition Ride

This is me and the boys(to the right of me) at Lake Winny up near Chattanooga.  We have been there for the last 2 years.  It’s an amusement park with a lot of “kid friendly” rides.  This ride was fun cause I was with the boys but boy was it a tight fit in that seat!  We had a blast that day. 

I had a great opportunity to teach today at our church’s Prayer and Healing School.  I also had the privilege to speak at the local Lyon’s Club meeting today.  It was a great morning.

One of the topics I discussed this morning at both events was NUTRITION.  And the ride in the pic above made me think about Nutrition and “the ride” many people are on in their life with Nutrition.  They are constantly up and down and pretty much out of control getting jerked around.  That is how this ride was and how many people let “food” control their lives.  Now the ride was pretty fun even though it was uncomfortable, but getting Jerked around by the food choices you make is no fun

The main issue I covered with both groups this morning concerning Nutrition was “CONTROL”.  I believe “control” is the most important issue when it comes to Nutrition.  It is not about having the perfect Diet Plan or being able to count your  “correct calories” needed.  Those things can play a role, but they are not the answer.  Your perception of food and whether or not you are ‘IN CONTROL” is what I believe is the most important issue.  See, if you start following the “diet plan” then most likely you are doing it only because you think you have to.  You percieve the instructions as “law” and a list of things “you have to do” and things “you cant do.”  With this mindset you set yourself up for failure. 

You have to change the way you “see” food and overall nutrition.  Food is something that you make a decision in your heart that you are going to be “in control” of.  No, it is not you having to be “perfect’, but you deciding to from now forward to be IN CONTROL.  You have to see it as Paul saw life according to The Word: I can do anything I want to but I realize not all things will benefit me.  Also, I can do anything I want to but I refuse to allow anything to control me.v (kj’s version)

This is literally how you can see Nutrition.  you can Eat anything you want to, but you realize that not everything you may like is good for you.  And knowing that, out of Freedom, you choose to not let those things control you.  If you “Try” to not let things control you out of bondage, or from law, you will usually end up doing that thing you are so focused on not doing.  And there in itself lies a big part of the problem:  You are focused on the wrong thing.  Your focus is based on law, and what you cant do or have to do.  The other way to see it, the Correct Way, is to know within your heart, and to speak it out of your mouth, that you can eat any food you want to.  You are free to do so.  And with that Freedom you choose to do those things that will benefit you.  Again, not because you have to but because you get to.  And thru Jesus Christ you have the POWER to not let anything, food, have power over you. 

I hope you can “SEE” this.  This is so powerful.  And we all should work to “see” areas in our lives this way.  I sure havent arrived yet, but I am working to get there, and thru the Holy Spirit that leads me, I am led the Right way.  and you too!!




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