Great Nutrition Tips posted. Please keep’em coming!

This is a great pic of the boys and their 2 little cousins swimming in our pool yesterday.  It was their last swim before I had to take them back home.  They all had a blast and it was fun seeing them get to play together for several days.

Nutrition.  I say thank you to all of you who have already posted some great comments from our post yesterday for Nutrition Tips.  And if you have not commented yet with your Nutrition Tips then please do so.  We have a pretty good list so far and I want to add to it. 

One of the things I noticed right off hand as I was reading all the “tips’ was that they were all simple and mostly quite “easy” tips that anyone can do.  There was nothing fancy or “new”, just good solid tips that are basic and anyone can apply them.  so I am excited to be getting some more this week so I can hurry up and get you the list out either end of this week or first of next week.  In the meantime, please go ahead and START DOING some of those simple things that you already know you can do that will help you take control of and improve your health and life.  It truly is your health, your life, your choice!!!  Godbless u kj

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  1. Take time to sit down and eat as a family. Limit eating on the run as much as possible 🙂

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