How much Sugar are you taking in? You mite be surprised.

Last Nite’s Dinner.  LeAnne made me one of my favorite dishes – Roast!  You can see we have some roast, onions, few carrots, vegetable medley stir fried from fresh veggies.  Of course you too can see the big helping of ketchup.  Ketchup can actually have some good health qualities, but also it is usually high in sugar too, about 4 grms per tbsp.  One of the goals on our Beach Diet is to cut sugar!!  So unlike what I did last nite, you want to limit your ketchup, and most all other condiments and dressings, etc. 

I have cut back a good bit on my sugar intake this week.  And next week I will cut them back much more.  One piece of good advice is always to keep a watch on your sugar intake whether you are on a short term diet or not.  You have to read the labels on all your foods.  IN many cases you will be suprised at how much sugar is in stuff.  One of the awful ingredients that we used to see in most packaged foods was “High Fructose Corn Syrup.”  Now, most companies have become aware that most people are aware that this is a health No-No.  So many food companies have taken it out of there products.  The case being with ketchup.  It is pretty easy to find ketchup now with NO high fructose corn syrup.  Now of course they have to replace that with something and in most cases it will be with just plane ole “sugar”.  And of which I believe is a much better choice, but still be aware of your total sugar intake, because a few grms here and there adds up quick! 

In is probably a great idea to try and keep your total sugar intake for the day under 30 grms.  To do this is going to be pretty good.  Many health experts will say to keep it under 20, and of course that is even better.  My recommendation would be to start keeping a log of your daily eating, and find out how much sugar is in each item you eat.  Add that all up and see how much you are taking in on a consistent basis.  You probably will be very suprised.  ANd remember that means everything, and yes even those 1 or 2 little pieces of peppermint, etc.  It does all count.  Then make a plan to drop that total sugar intake by a little or a lot.  It can truly make a big impact on your health, especially over time.  And remember this,  THE ANSWER IS NOT!!! TO REPLACE REGULAR “SUGAR” WITH ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS like in soft drinks, and other “low sugar” or “no sugar” food items.  Most research supports that is just as bad and in many cases actually worse for you than sugar itself.


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