Beach Diet follow up plan to come. What you can accomplish in your health

This is my lunch from yesterday.  Good ole deer burgers, turnip greens, fresh vegetable medley.  It was delicious and nutritious.  The BEACH DIET is going good and I have really seen some physical changes.  I have dropped some more bodyfat.  My challenge has been to make sure and come close to replacing all that I have taken out with extra of the good stuff.  That is not to say that what I took out was “bad” it was just grains, fruits, and whole dairy.  I usually will lose too much muscle weight if I dont keep my food intake up.  So for me it has forced me to find more good sources of protein, fats, and vegetable carbs, and this has been a good thing. 

If you are following the Beach Diet on any level, then keep it up.  And remember one of the main benefits is for it to help you to create a better “long term” nutrition mindset.  And when you “come off” the diet dont just go back to your old eating habits.  It will be very important for you to slowly add back in the grains, dairy, and fruit.  If you add them back in too fast you will end up packing back on the weight and or more.  I will talk more about this later with a “BEACH DIET FOLLOW UP” PLAN. 

God is for you, and thru Christ our Saviour we can accomplish anything.  All things are literally possible to you who believes.  He has already and continually strengthens you to overcome and win in your health and life.  It is not up to Him, it is up to you.  He has already done His part, now you take what He has done, believe it, recieve it, be continually thankful for it, and follow up your faith with the appropriate Works!


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  1. I am on day 3 of the Beach Diet…so far so good!!! My biggest lesson is PLANNING and CHOICES!!!

    I am looking forward to the Follow-up Plan!

    BTW – tried the Shrimp recipe and it was a success and incredibly delicious!

    One more things = I am a HUGE peanut butter fan – is PB a no, no on the Beach Diet?

    Thanks again for all you do – you are making a difference in so many lives! 🙂

    • thanks for all that. and so glad to hear it is going great for you! yes p.b. is good on this diet. keep it up. kj

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