Snow in the summer?! Hear from HIM!

Here is a great pic of our covered bridge on our property at Turkey Heaven Mnt from couple of years ago when it snowed.  Man isnt that a beautiful pic?!  I know it is kind of weird to be seeing a pic of snow when we are right in the middle of the “heat” of the summer.  But this pic got me to thinking about an important topic:  Hearing from God for our health and our lives.

The reason this pic reminded me of this pic is because there have been many occasions where I took off to go to this property to do just that: Hear from God.  Now yes, you and I can hear from God no matter where we are at, but it sure helps to have that “special”, and “quiet” place.  I have some quiet places at home and here at God-Built where I can get and “seperate” myself so I can hear clearly, but over at the mnt is one of my favorite. 

I encourage you to make that special “quiet” place at your home.  We all get bombarded with “life” and the trials of life.  It is so important to slow down, take time, and Hear from God.  God is always wanting to talk with us, because He is a Good Daddy.  We just have to make sure we are listening and willing to obey.  We all get too fast many times, and that is just the way it is.  In all this life stuff though, take time to take time with Him and sit, be quiet, and listen for Him.  He will guide you and lead you by the Holy Spirit that lives within you.  ANd remember, it is through Jesus that His fullness and presence are made available to all of us.  He wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives.  He only wants the best for us, in every area of our lives including our health.  Be willing to take that time, willing to hear and obey. 


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